Custom Products

CER provides real wire management solutions for Solar energy (PV) system engineers, designers and installers. 
As PV energy projects continue to grow, CER provides both standard and customized cable management systems for rooftop and ground level installations.  Where light weight, wireway capacity and outdoors corrosion resistance are key, CER will provide solutions for your PV project.
CER products qualify under the Ontario FIT program for Ontario supplied product.
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TELECOM Products:  CER manufactures Cable Rack.  Often utilized in heavy telecom installations such as broadcasting, head-ends, telephone central offices and IT rooms, cable rack is increasing used to carry the high volume and weight of data cabling in a condensed area. Constructed of tubular steel with a durable powder coat finish, CER Cable Rack is suitable for the most demanding and critical of installations.  
Please consult the 'Telecom Cable Rack' area of the website under 'PRODUCTS' for more details.